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Fresh Android Games for Feb. 28: Chopper Reach, Mortal Skies, Pacific Navy FIghter Lite

by Ian Black

Only one day left in February... let’s celebrate! In today’s fresh games, Chopper Reach stands out as an unusual aircraft game, Mortal Skies sends you on a mission in WW II Europe, and Pacific Navy Fighter puts you in the pilot’s seat on the other front of WWII.

Chopper Reach (Free)

Ever been in a human pyramid? Stand on the shoulders of giants and you can reach much higher.

Chopper Reach turns this concept into a game. Stack people figures one on top of the other to reach a hovering chopper overhead. Select from between two situations – in a canyon or between two skyscrapers. Choose from three positions for the stackable people and be careful of the buffeting winds. If the people fall before reaching the 'copter, you lose.

Mortal Skies (€1.39)

The end of WWII defined drama. The world’s superpowers duked it out to determine the fate of all humankind. Now, it’s your turn to get in on the action.

You’re a fighter pilot in 1944. There are nine different missions that take you over seven types of terrain from snow to canyons. Earn gold, silver, and bronze cups depending on how many enemy planes and installations you take out. Reach the highest levels to unlock new planes and missions. Killer graphics help make this title stand out.

Pacific Navy Fighter Lite (Free)

If you can land on an aircraft carrier, you can land anywhere. Fortunately, you can practice without dying in this fun game.

Déjà vu – you’re a fighter pilot in WWII, but this time in the Pacific. You can choose between a Corsair or a Zero. Guide bombers on their missions and defend them against enemy fighters. When you hear the air raid sirens, boogie back to your carrier because it's under attack. If it sinks, you’ll have no place to land.

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