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Nintendo-inspired Android games

by Kristen Nicole

Sony Ericcson may be launching its own Android gaming device, but its game suite isn’t the only way to get classic console titles on your smartphone. Nintendo games were amongst the first to be replicated in the Android Market, and the Mario brothers themselves have inspired more than a dozen such games. In the spirit of the ‘80s comeback, here are some top Nintendo-inspired games for Android.


The great thing about an emulator is that it lets you play most your favorite Nintendo games from one app. The Nesoid NES Emulator is one of the best for Android, with speedy loads, a custom on-screen keypad, online play features and game-saving options. Get the complete version for just under $4.00.

Tiger King recently launched an NDS demo app, but it’s got a handful of other Nintendo emulators in the Android Market as well. With versions for SNES, Game Boy and NES, there’s no end to the number of Nintendo games to port onto your phone. Try the SNES one for starters—it’s free.

Miss the original Nintendo mobile gaming device? Grab the GameBoid GBA Emulator app, optimizing Game Boy titles for your Android. It runs most games at full speed, has a sleek, translucent keypad, and saves games at any point. You can still use cheat codes, and even fast forward through games. The full version is $4.99.

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Mario Bros.

Infinite Rufio Bros is done in the style of Super Mario Bros, bringing along the whole gang, including Toad, Bowser and Princess Peach. Take your characters through the familiar platform levels and obstacles, with simple screen controls for mobile game play. This themed game is a beta version, and is free to download.

Super Mario World looks a lot like the console games of yore, with old-school graphics, brightly colored levels and plenty of challenges along the way. Jump from platform to platform, travel through pipe portals, collect objects and destroy the enemies. The ad-free version of this Android game costs $4.99.

Mario Combat is a thrilling battle game, pitting Mario against Bowser in a dark underworld. You’ll need Flash 10.1 for this Android game, which features on-screen buttons as well as keyboard control. Free, Mario Combat recently released a deluxe version, which is already gaining popularity in the Market.

Nintendo classics

Contra 4: Redux is a Market newbie, making it one of Konami’s first Android releases. Bring back the fun of your childhood with this sturdy soldier, destined to save the universe. Run, shoot, and shoot some more, as you jump from platform to platform, clearing the path before you. This game costs $4.99.

Zenonia 2 is relatively new to the Market as well, bringing an updated edition of this Zelda-inspired game. The $4.99 RPG comes with full character customization, over 100 maps and just as many quests for an epic storyline that’s all your own. Chat with other players, barter in the market and battle your way to ultimate victory.

Mega Man Sparta is another Flash game for Android, inspired by none other than Mega Man himself. Defeat your enemies with your many powers, using a bit of skilled logic to level up. It’s a short game, holding true to its retro theme in its gameplay, graphics and storyline. This early release is free.

Barrel Boomer doesn’t look much like Donkey Kong, but it does offer lots of objects to toss across the screen. Featuring ten levels of ape-throwing madness, it’s your job to avoid moving obstacles, landing the barrels “safely” on the other side. This Android game is free.

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