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Fresh Android Games for Feb. 22: Tower Raiders 2 BETA, Heartburn, Super Drill Panic

by Ian Black

Beta versions of games are great. For free, you can try a game still in development to see if you like it. Sometimes, you can provide feedback that the developers will take into account before they finalize the release.

In today’s fresh games you can join in the Beta of the sequel to the popular Tower Raider strategy game, called Tower Raiders 2. The rest of the list today includes Heartburn, a twist on the classic card game Hearts, and Super Drill Panic FREE, a ledge runner game with a huge boulder chasing down the hero.

Tower Raiders 2 BETA (Free)

Look up Tower Raiders in the Android Market and you’ll find a long list of positive reviews. Here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor, meaning Beta, of the follow-up.

Alien invaders seek 20 power crystals. You command the human forces that protect the crystals and therefore defend the earth. Plot out your moves in this clever strategy game but – due to the beta status – forgive any current elements that make the game too easy or too hard. The creators promise to make adjustments before the full release.

Heartburn ($0.99)

Ever play the card game called Hearts? This app offers a twist, hence the name Heartburn.In this version a special deck of cards, called the "Foresight deck," tell you hints about a card suite by what’s on the back of each card.

The strategy is a little different too, where you must take one “bad” card along the way during a game or you’ll end up scoring nothing.

Super Drill Panic FREE (Free)

Run, run, run! Guide the adventurer through the maze of ledges while picking up coins, stealing treasure, and upgrading his gear. The reason for sprinting? A massive boulder is rolling downward, crushing everything in its path.

Challenges increase with each new level and include falling blocks, lasers, razors, arrows, and walls blocking the way. Use OpenFeint to post your high scores and view the leaderboard.

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