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PlayStation-inspired Android games

by Kristen Nicole

It seems every week comes with new rumors of PlayStation Android devices, reports of official game suites, and emulators that support PS console titles. And with a couple new PlayStation games making their way to my game library this weekend, I couldn’t help but give in to PlayStation fever. If you’ve caught the bug too, check out these PlayStation-inspired Android game apps, which are just beginning to bud in the Market.

Emulators etc.

Relatively new to the market, psx4droid v2 is an emulator delivering the PS1 experience to higher-end Android devices. Once installed, this app provides a portal to PlayStation games you thought you’d never play again, given new life and optimized for your mobile screen’s resolution. It’s worth the pro version, which will run you about $6.00.

Need a simpler way to get to your PlayStation games? Emulator ROMs has a marketplace-like environment to access a number of console games, including those for the PlayStation. From this interface, you can get PS games on demand, downloading the ones you like and trashing the rest. This Android app is free.

ROM Finder is a streamlined game portal, with several emulators on deck, including PlayStation. Search for games and manage your library, with filtered ROM listings, a download manager and some help from the cloud to deter any downtime on your end. The full version of this Android app costs around $2.50.

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Inspired games

Assassin’s Creed is a PlayStation classic. And while mobile gameplay is entirely different from the console, you’ll be happy enough with Gameloft’s Android rendition. For $2.99 you get several mini-games to conquer, an involved story line in the midst of the Crusades, and 3D cinematic graphics.

iPhone gamers may have had Final Fantasy for nearly a year, but Android users will find solace in the Parallel Kingdom AOT. This MMORPG lets you battle, build and chat with others, with the added twist of augmented reality. Parallel Kingdom Age of Thrones uses your GPS location to overlay the game atop your mapped surroundings. This game is free.

One very popular PlayStation game is Call of Duty, an online, multiplayer FPS. You won’t find the version you’re hoping for in the Android Market, but you can get some first-person shooting practice in, with the CounterStrike Training game. Free, this app is for gamers that take their technique seriously.

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