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Fresh Android Games for Feb. 21: Pinball Deluxe, Bank It!, Hacky Sack

by Ian Black

Spend Presidents Day playing some fresh Android games. Pinball Deluxe delivers all the fun of pinball on a phone, Bank It! shows you that geometry is still important in gaming, and Hacky Sack lets you tap your way to zen gaming.

Pinball Deluxe (Free)

Are you a pinball wizard? This game does a very credible job of bringing the arcade game to the phone. Choose from three dazzling pinball games then get flipping. Pull back the spring-loaded launcher with your finger and shoot the silver ball into action. Two touchscreen circles control the flippers.

Sights, sounds, even the vibration of the ball bouncing off a bumper all feel real. If you like pinball, don’t hesitate to give this free game a shot.

Bank It! (Free)

Yes, you do use geometry after high school. Especially when you play games like pool, air hockey, and now Bank It!

Fling your puck to bounce off one, two, or three walls before sending it through the round exit door. To keep things challenging, the exit and the puck’s start position shift with each new round.

Hacky Sack (Free)

No, you don’t have to be a barefoot Deadhead to enjoy hacky sack. Here the cosmically hippie "un-game" goes digital. Your tapping finger replaces your foot. Keep the sack up in the air without letting it hit the ground to keep your score bouncing upward.

The park-like background – complete with trees and grass – complete the image of the game's outdoor roots.