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Words With Friends tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

It was a great week for Android gamers, with Sony’s official Xperia announcement, and Zynga introducing its second major title, Words With Friends, into the Market. Both pieces of news came at the Mobile World Congress event, which put a spotlight on Android OS updates, devices and apps. With the promise of powerful processors and high-end graphic chips, this year’s Android devices are obviously made for gamers.

News from MWC

Zynga’s brought another popular game to the Android Market. Words With Friends is a free and social game, with a theme similar to Scrabble. Build words strategically for big bonuses, chat with friends during online play, and share achievements with friends. Already popular on the iPhone and Facebook, Words With Friends was an instant hit for Android.

The Sony Xperia game phone isn’t out yet , but here’s the next best thing. FPse for Android is a new PlayStation emulator after the full experience, from audio to graphics. Save games, use an on-screen controller and customize your button assignments. Costing almost $5.00 FPse is a worthy purchase for PlayStation fans anxious for the mobile experience.

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In the Air

Fly Gaga is quite a baby. Light and flexible, this infant bounces on a massive trampoline, flying higher with every jump. Collect milk and candy as you rise and fall, veering slightly to the left and right to catch them all. You’ll need to power through some obstacles, and avoid others, like drunken birds, dangerous balloons and black holes. Cute and entertaining, Fly Gaga is free to download.

AirAttack HD Lite is an air combat shooter sending you on missions to destroy enemies on the ground and in the air. Starting with two missions, two planes and a dozen or so enemies, improved skills earn you bonus weapons and high scores. The popular iPhone game is already gaining in the Android Market, and is free to play.

Farm Tower is an amusing game of physics, presenting impossible predicaments for you to solve. Get your farm animals out of their towers and back to the ground, each level with its own puzzle to crack. Nearly 100 levels of logic will keep you busy. Share high scores via OpenFeint. The Pro version costs around $2.00.

On the Defense

Who doesn’t love a good zombie shooter? Kill off as many as possible in Stupid Zombies, where each level brings a new challenge for fending off the walking dead. Knock off a few at a time by shooting oil barrels, or strategically direct a single missile to destroy them all. This new Android game is free.

Home Invasion is a location-based game where you invade your “real” surroundings as a ruthless alien. Using GPS, this game overlays missions onto a real map, sending you out into the world to destroy all the targets. Free, this Android game comes from a new breed of overlaid entertainment.

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