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Fresh Android Games for Feb. 18: Stupid Zombies, Maze Warp Free, Prison Ball

by Ian Black

Bricks and mazes and zombies, oh my! Stupid Zombies lets you school the undead with a shotgun. Maze Warp Free has you racing an opponent to solve a maze. And lastly in today’s fresh games, Prison Ball makes you break special bricks in unique ways.

Stupid Zombies (Free)

Had enough of zombies yet? Didn’t think so. The setup is familiar: you’re the last man alive, hundreds of zombies want to eat your brains, and fortunately, you have a shotgun with a magically unlimited amount of ammo.

What’s neat? The zombies shuffle your way via cascading platforms. If you angle your shotgun blast just right you can ricochet the shot up the screen and take out multiple zombies with one pull of the trigger.

Maze Warp Free (Free)

What’s more fun than solving a maze? Racing someone else trying to solve the same maze! Choose between three categories of difficulty, then prepare for a new random mazes to appear with each new level.

If you reach the maze exit before your opponent, your score is eligible for the leaderboard. Unfortunately, your opponent gets faster after each maze is completed. The last chance “Warp” button can save you from a desperate situation by switching the maze in mid-level.

Prison Ball (£0.59)

Brick breaker games are always fun, but this one features a few twists that ratchet up the action. The view of the bricks comes in a cool 3D that gives the game a different look. Even better, there are a ton of special effects – fire balls, exploding bricks, rocket bats, and much more.

You’ll need to clear the board of bricks before the time runs out or you won’t make it to the next level.

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