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Mouse Trap Android game perhaps only good in small bites

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Mouse Trap by Magma Mobile for your Android phone probably won't hold your attention very long. A puzzle game that's a little too simple to get wrapped up in, it will suffice as a way to pass the time if you have a few short minutes to kill.

Despite what you might first think, Mouse Trap is a sliding blocks puzzler, not a digital take on the Rube Goldberg-like board game of the same name. The object of this game is to help a lab mouse find its way out of each maze by sliding around the moveable blocks that are obstructing the exit. The challenge, though, is that your mouse doesn't make right or left turns, it can only move forward and backward.

Sometimes, you'll find hidden coins under the blocks, and unlock bonuses — both of which enable you to tap into some of the game's hidden features.

Similar to what you might have seen while playing similar puzzle games, Mouse Trap is designed to gradually become more challenging with each level. While you might notice that the game starts to add more blocks, it takes time before the levels actually start to resemble something challenging.

The game relies on its basic elements to hold your attention, which is perfect if you're not always wooed by art style, sharp 3D graphics or interesting sound effects. This game isn't very sophisticated in that regard. It's actually very plain and dull looking.

One kind of neat feature about Mouse Trap is it's lightbulb icon, which sits up in the right corner of the game. Tap it when you want to reset the level or if you want the solution to the puzzle. The catch here, though, is that you can only use the solution option once every 24 hours. It's nice because it's there in case you really need it, but you can't ever really become dependent upon it.

Mouse Trap isn't the most complex or well-designed puzzle app I've ever seen, but it will do the job in keeping you entertained for short periods of time. Because it's free, there's no reason not to give it a shot.

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