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PES 2011 delivers hours of footy fun for high-end Android owners

by Tim McLain

As an early adopter of the Android platform, it's hard not to be disappointed when a stellar title like PES 2011 Pro Evolution Soccer comes along, only to discover it requires the very latest hardware.

After some serious begging, I was able to get a friend to loan me his Evo long enough to play and review the app, but was disappointed knowing that this will preclude hundreds of thousands of our readers from experiencing the app.

Those serious concerns aside, PES 2011 is, without a doubt, one of the very best games available in the Android marketplace today. The character models are spot-on, the soccer fields are immaculately rendered, and the action is intense from start to finish. Anyone with a serious soccer addiction, right on down to a mom or dad with a child in a youth soccer league, will find the app to be immediately playable, and instantly addictive.

It's clear the developers at Konami spent a serious amount of time programming and perfecting the built-in "True Flow" control system. It takes full advantage of your device's accelerometer and AI-assisted touch controls. It's easier than ever to jump from player to player, make your way up and down the field and kick the ball toward another player or the goal, all without a lengthy learning curve.

Once you're ready to go beyond these "easy" controls, you can easily swap in an on-screen D-pad and other play buttons. No matter which control scheme you choose, the mini-map of the field at the bottom center of the screen will help you see where your players are at any given time, and a quick glance might mean the difference between passing for an easy goal or a failed off-target solo attempt.

For serious fans, PES 2011 also includes access to UEFA Club competitions, featuring the very best European teams. Throw in dynamic crowd sound effects, spot-on opponent AI and a screen-filling experience, and you've got yourself a must-have game for every high-end Android owner.

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