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Fresh Android Games for Feb. 17: AirAttack HD Lite, Home Invasion, Doodle Dodge Lite

by Ian Black

Love to fly? Today’s fresh games are about the air and space flight. AirAttack puts you in the pilot seat of a bomber run. Home Invasion lets you control an alien spacecraft on a mission to destroy earth. And, with Doodle Dodge you must move a spaceship back and forth to survive.

AirAttack HD Lite (Free)

When a game wins an award, its takes a lot of the risk out of giving it a try. If the game is also free like this one, downloading it is a no-brainer. So, fire up the Market and get the award-winning formerly only iPhone game AirAttack HD.

This air combat game is “top down” meaning your vantage point looks down on the action from the heavens. Take out bridges and roads on the ground and enemy fighters in the sky with “real time” physics. Enjoy the killer graphics, orchestral sound and eye-popping effects.

Home Invasion (Free)

We’ve seen this type of virtual-meets-real location-based game before – but it was yanked from the market perhaps because it looked an awful lot like PacMan. This original looking game seems like it has a good chance of sticking around.

You control a spaceship that is flying over your own neighborhood! To guide the ship, you must get outside and walk through the real streets of your town – but watch for traffic because the game won’t stop you from being run down. Shoot the green targets with your lasers before the military comes to blow you out of the skies.

Doodle Dodge Lite (Free)

You may remember my fascination with doodle-like games from previous freshies. Here’s another fun one. Guide a hand-drawn space ship through a meteor shower. Thanks to a slider bar, you can play one-handed. The further you fly without being crushed, the faster your ship goes. Original sound and music completes the hand-made picture.

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