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Fresh Android Games for Feb. 16: Skydiver HD, Karoshi, They Need to be Fed

by Ian Black

Danger, danger, danger. Grave peril describes today’s fresh games. In Skydiver HD, you’ll need to avoid the hazards in the air, while Karoshi has you running towards the threat instead. And in The Need to be Fed, you must risk it all to feed some hungry monsters.

Skydiver HD (~$0.95)

Everyone knows skydiving is dangerous but this game shows the worst-case scenario. Problems with your chute opening pale in comparison to the trouble in this game’s skies. Watch out for birds, jets, and helicopters. Truth be told, you may need to steal parachutes from others to save yourself from auguring in.

Pick up bonus power-ups through your free fall and you make your way past 21 levels.

Karoshi (~$1.91)

Originally known as Karoshi Suicide Salaryman, this popular PC and iPhone game has found its way to Android. Unlike most every game ever created, the goal here is to guide Mr. Karoshi on his way to end it all.

You’ll need to work through several logic puzzles – each constructed with a darkly humorous twist – and collect coins along the way to assist the salaryman. There are over 50 levels before the final bow.

They Need to be Fed (~$0.95)

The monsters have to be fed. You’ll need to jump from planet to planet to gather all the food you’ll need. Fortunately the planets have 360 degrees of gravity so you won’t fall off unless you jump to another planet.

Enjoy the physics and the 25 challenging levels. Colorful graphics and a lively soundtrack will keep you hunting. Watch for ways to unlock the special X world on each level.

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