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Android game Super Dynamite Fishing could reel you in

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Not your average fishing simulator, Super Dynamite Fishing FREE is an explosive and addicting RPG.

Not at all what I expected, (I expected perhaps a more vibrant version of the game that recreates the standard, tranquil trip out to the lake) Super Dynamite Fishing actually involves "fishing" with dynamite and other equally hazardous weapons that can be purchased at the virtual world's local arsenal.

You play as a character named Redneck Joe, a man who makes his money by cashing in the fish he catches while sailing around in his hunting boat. Every morning, you wake up and there's a new task that must be completed for the game to progress. These objectives always seem to be some kind of bill or financial obligation that needs to be paid, and the numbers you need increase every day. (Joe has a lot of bills.) You will also occasionally find location-specific objectives in the mailbox, which are opportunities for you to make more cash.

But, in order to make money, you gotta spend some money. The more expensive weapons will make your kills more efficient, and a larger boat will mean you'll be able to pack more fish onto your boat. (Your fishing trips will automatically end if you run out of weapons, run out of room for fish or run out of time.) On top of that, it seems you have a girlfriend you're trying to stay in good graces with. All of these things mean you have to manage your money well.

When I started playing, I was a little horrified, for a couple of different reasons. For starters, the idea of blasting schools of fish to kingdom come didn't seem like a very sensitive or environmentally responsible thing to do. Not only that, but the cultural  stereotypes are laid on pretty thick in this game — the girlfriend is materialistic and the main character lives in a trailer, drinks beer, likes explosions, and doesn't seem like a very intelligent guy. I had a little difficulty getting past this, but once I reiterated the fact that this is just a game, I couldn't put it down.

This game has a cartoon style like something you'd see in a kid's comic book or on a cartoon show. Super Dynamite Fishing has a very simple user interface. You just tilt your phone from left to right to move the boat, and tap on the side of the boat where you'd like to throw your bombs. To switch weapons, you just tap on the card that's designated for your weapon of choice at the bottom of the screen.

The app does have a few issues in terms of how it runs. I once accidentally clicked the "Home" button instead of the "Back" button after I had spent some time inside the app, and the game got very flaky. I had to quit and relaunch the game a number of times before it worked again without issue. Also, Super Dynamite Fishing is, unfortunately, a game with very intrusive advertising. Banners tended to get in my way whenever I needed to shoot at a bird. The good news, though, is that if the ads bother you, you can upgrade to the full version for around $4.10. Despite its flaws, Super Dynamite Fishing made the cut as my new favorite game for the Android platform.

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