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Fresh Android Games for Feb. 15: Words With Friends, Sword Requiem, BloxBreaker

by Ian Black

Let’s play our way through the rest of winter. Words With Friends delivers Scrabble-like fun over your phone, while Sword Requiem takes you on a journey of magic and danger. Finally, Bloxbreaker goes retro for a block-buster game with a few new twists.

Words With Friends Free (Free)

This hugely popular iOS game from Zynga has finally arrived on Android. It’s basically a riff on Scrabble. The game board features double and triple word and letter bonus squares throughout. You have a set of tiles, which you use to lay down across other words, and try to check the highest score possible with the letters you have.

The best part of the game is the ability to play against any online players, in fact you can play against several people at once, letting the games queue up as you await your opponents next move.

Sword Requiem Lite (Free)

Need an adventure? This strategy role-playing game guides you through a medieval journey. You’ll find the kingdom is full of tragedy and corruption. The game promises more mystery and surprises than other RPGs.

Tour the land, gain clues from chats with strange townspeople and buy stuff when you have enough loot to make sure you're well equipped for this epic quest.

BloxBreaker (Free)

There are several block-busting games out there, but this one keeps the challenges running high. The walls of blocks keep coming toward you so you must destroy them before they destroy you. The worst news: the wall’s speed increases with each level you pass.

Reminiscent of the best of the earliest video games, BloxBreaker proves to be both simple but addictive.

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