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Fresh Android Games for Feb. 11: Attack of the FanBoys, Breakout Kings, Desert Diesel

by Ian Black

Run, shoot, and drive like hell – either the makings of a rowdy weekend or three new fabulous fresh Android games. Attack of the Fanboys delivers a new twist on the zombie genre. Breakout Kings lets you chase the bad guys. And, Desert Diesal puts you in the driver’s seat of a loony race.

Attack of the FanBoys Lite (Free)

What’s worse than Nazi Zombies? Zombie Fanboys! Based on the game Nazi Zombies, this version puts you in peril by dropping you into a group of adoring fans. Oh, and they happen to be the walking dead. Fortunately, you’re armed with a shotgun, flamethrower, grenades, and a bad attitude. Mow down the undead autograph seekers before they eat your for lunch. Twin virtual joysticks let you move and shot simultaneously. One last word: Nukes!

Breakout Kings (Free)

The A&E series Breakout Kings delivers a fun spin-off game to Android. Just like in the show, prisoners have escaped from jail. You must navigate complex mazes, avoiding thugs and working around traps to capture as many convicts as you can before time runs out. Challenges like road blocks and thug patrols increase the difficulty as you move up levels. Use OpenFeint to check the leaderboards and find friends who also play.

Desert Diesel ($1.99)

Drive like your life depends on it, because in this game it just might. Unlike many driving games, this game’s asphalt and dirt tracks are randomly generated by the app so each course is a brand new experience. Designed for quick in/quick out gameplay, you can pick races that are only 30 seconds long if you wish. Each new level brings crazier roads and faster speeds. Time is critical, but if you can’t control your car you might crash and die, so slow yourself down when needed by going off-road.

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