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Android game Aeon Racer goes back in time for fun

by Ian Black

1983 is a pop song on the charts right now. You'd have to go back then to explore the influences on the new Android game Aeon Racer. It's pure '80s arcade in look, feel and sound. It's fun if you like old-school games, but you might tire of it after a few rounds.

You control a rocket in flight. Neon-colored gates define your path upward. Tilt your phone left and right and its accelerometer will adjust the position of the ship accordingly. You start each level with full shields, to give you a fighting chance. Each gate you clip (or plow into) instead of passing cleanly through, means your shield gets weaker. After about four damage counts, your shield disappears, and any subsequent hit will destroy your rocket.

Directional arrows provide added challenges. Forward-facing arrows provide a power boost that speeds your ship. Backward arrows slow you down. This makes things interesting because traveling faster means higher point tallies, but you sometimes need to go slowly to maintain control.

There's no question the game is fun, but, you can see it's still evolving. The free, Lite version has no way to turn down the volume on the sound effects, though the full-version's notes say you can there. The Android Market description for the app claims a soundtrack and other features are coming soon.

Without additional challenges I think the game might get old after playing it for a while. It depends on your level of nostalgia for the 1980s.

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