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Fresh Android Games for Feb. 10: PES 2011, Wheel of Fortune, PewPew

by Ian Black

Android gaming options abound. Move beyond first person shooters and driving games with today’s fresh arrivals. PES 2011 Pro Evolution Soccer keeps it real with life-like soccer action. PewPew needs no story to captivate you. And, Wheel of Fortune brings the popular TV game show to your phone.

PES 2011 Pro Evolution Soccer (~$6.78)

As phones get more powerful it will be hard to distinguish virtual from real. PES 2011 sets the high bar for realism in a phone-based soccer game. In this game, set the touch screen controls to the position you like, then kick out the jams.

The teams all come from European leagues so Americans might be even more confused than they usually are about soccer. Control the realistically animated players as the make passes, tackle, and score goals. Beginners are welcome, just be sure to put your best foot forward.

Wheel of Fortune ($4.99)

"Tease the letters, Vanna!" It’s all here: the puzzles, the wheel, buying letters, and more. One of the longest running game shows in history goes mobile. Get your Wheel fix with this new app, but do more than shout answers at your television. Now you decide what letters you want and you solve the puzzle before the other contestants do. This latest update fixes several bugs from previous releases.

PewPew (Free)

No backstory. No cute characters. Just all out gaming. You have two virtual joysticks – one for steering and one for shooting – that you can move about the screen before you start.

Choose among several games modes, though most involve maneuvering around a Tron-like rectangular light board picking up cubes for power-ups and dodging all manner of shapes that will destroy you. The action gets frantic fast, so this one is not for the timid.

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