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Fresh Android Games for Feb. 8: Androwar Lite, Baviux, Word Run

by Ian Black

Escape the snowmageddon with three fresh games. Androwar brings battle strategy to you in real time, Baviux will make you twist your phone like a pretzel and Word Run delivers Boggle-like fun to your Android device.

Androwar Lite (Free)

Some strategy games let you sit around and think. You can plot your next moves then queue them up for the next round. Not so Androwar. This game forces you to think on your feet – or more precisely, your tank tracks.

Control multiple military vehicles and one gunner post in real time as the enemy attacks. Listen to the cool sound effects and music soundtrack as you battle for freedom.

Baviux (Free)

Save the aliens! Little blue Baviux have been kidnapped from their home planet and sold in slavery. You must help them escape but it won’t be easy. You must twist your phone this way and that to guide the little creatures into their ships for evacuation.

Their captors and others will try to get in the way. Rock out to the futuristic Mambo soundtrack, and enjoy this addictive, fun game.

Word Run (Free)

Ever play the word game Boggle? Word Run works in a similar way. The game displays seven random letters and you must make as many words of three or more letters from them as you can within the time limit.

You score jumps based on the number of words you find. Each new level brings a new rack of words. Find news, FAQs, and high scores at the game’s web site.