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Sharpen your visual acuity with Android game Tap Crazy Free

by Tim McLain

Playing games on any electronic device tends to help the player improve his or her hand-eye coordination. Studies prove it, and kids use it to justify their addictions daily. Tap Crazy Free, besides being a free introduction to the full-blown $0.99 version of the game, delivers on the promise to boost your visual acuity. No joke.

The concept is simple. Hover your finger over the screen, and prepare to press. Red balls will roll up your screen — quick, pop them like the zits of your teenage years! Green balls will roll down the game field — leave them be if you know what's good for you and your high score.

Once you think you've got the hang of things, more balls come into view. Yellow balls are much faster than their red partners, and they take out your green friends as they ascend. Take them out!Armored balls are just red baddies with a hard candy shell. You'll need to pound away to peel off their protection, then pop their meaty innards. Purple balls multiply like frisky rabbits when pressed; get them fast or you're in for trouble.

Finally, the pink balls are packing teleportation devices. When pressed, they swap places with your green friends. Keep pressing, and avoid friendly fire as best you can.

The best part? The game auto-pauses when you get a call. Only have a minute to play? Your progress is auto-saved by each wave completed. These guys thought of everything! And once you finish this quick tutorial version, you'll be hard-pressed not to unlock the full version.

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