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Android game World War puts you in command

by Ian Black

Think you'd make a great military strategist? Many do. With the World War game for Android, you get to prove it. It's a fun phone strategy game, but its warfare model is a little out of date.

The game eases you into the role of commanding officer. With the first few missions, you don't have any choices, just press the "Do It" button. These are maneuvers like "Train Armed Forces" or "Fend Off Enemy Attack."

These efforts teach you the basics of the game. With each exercise, you earn more money, and gain experience points, but use up some of your health, energy and ammo. If you're lucky, you'll get some R&R after you complete a mission so you can replenish your health and energy.

World War becomes more challenging as you begin to make choices. You get to decide which mission to engage in, or whether to start a battle against an online player. You might even decide to sit out a round while you purchase more supplies, troops or arms with your cash reserves.

The president, your commander-in-chief, will appear, and chime-in with advice or requests from time to time. If you purchase honor points with real cash money — not the game's fake dollars — the president gives you gift boxes full of more troops and gear.

My only complaint is that the game feels last-century in its approach to war. I realize that the game is simulating a WWII-style apocalypse, but that type of engagement hasn't been common in the 21st century. Today, our battles are insurgents and terror groups that have no nation. Still, if you like traditional war strategy games, World War does a good job of adapting that to the phone.

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