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Angry Birds update tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Angry Birds has gotten the hang of this game gig, drawing us in weekly with regular updates, seasonal versions and more. This week is no different, as the Android game is updated with 30 new levels. Nintendo’s return to glory continues to live on with Android gamers, as Tiger launches an emulator this week, while Konami debuts in the Market with a pro soccer game for sports fans.

Crafty creatures

Angry Birds for Android has been updated with a new Western theme and 30 new levels to beat. You may have already heard that this update includes a secret level, which you’ll be able to find if you plan to watch the Super Bowl, and have a chance to win a trip to the Rio premiere. Angry Birds is free.

Mouse Trap for Android is a simple puzzle game where you must help the trapped rodent reach the end of the maze. It’s similar to old PC games, sliding blocks to reveal a maze pathway, picking up points and bonuses along the way. There’s hundreds of levels to work through, all requiring pragmatic patience. Free, this game is integrated with Scoreloop for leaderboards and achievements.

The popular Pokemon Game on Android has a new Ultimate Edition, currently in beta. Battle your fantasy creatures in online mode or conversation mode, working your way through leagues and gaining attack moves as you win fights. This mobile version takes the original card game to a new level, with involved storylines and bonuses to earn.

The Virtual Horse Racing 3D game has come out the gate with a strong start, passing the 10k download mark in its first two weeks. This graphically-driven game delivers all the excitement of going to the races, with straight bets, horse and jockey previews and details on their unique abilities. This thrilling Android game is free.

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Nintendo love

Tiger King has launched another emulator on the Android Market, making Tiger Lab lucky number seven. A Nintendo DS emulator, this early-stage app was released as a proof-of-concept. That being said, you can play Nintendo DS games with this app, but be prepared to help in the bug-discovery process. This app is free to download.

Another new Android app in the spirit of Nintendo is Super Android Bros., a run-and-jump game done in the style of our favorite plumber. Use on-screen buttons to control Mario, collect coins and enjoy the ‘80s-style graphics of this throwback game. Super Android Bros. is free to download.

Top players

The Super Bowl may be this weekend, but another kind of football is charging the field. PES 2011 is Konami’s first Android release, bringing the award-winning soccer simulation game into the Market. Get up close and personal with players, draw tactics and compete in global club competitions. This high-end game is nearly $7.00.

Galataxi is a new take on space games, as you navigate your cab through asteroid storms, black holes and other dangers of the universe.  It’s your job to get your passengers safely from one planet to another. Don’t botch the landings, and mind gravity, as you risk life and limb to drive through space to make a living. The full version costs about $1.60.

Popular shooter game Gun Bros has received an update, with new planets to take on, and new guns to take with you. Every new planet bears a new environmental challenge, which you’ll need to overcome to outsmart your alien enemies. This Android game is free.

Another top performer this week is the newly released Art of Glow game, which seems like a mix of Lite-Brite and finger painting. From the makers of Glow Hockey (another top app), this game is a relaxing light show that follows your finger, bringing bright colors of different shapes and stroke sizes to your screen. This game is free.

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