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Fresh Android Games for Feb. 4: Jet Velocity 3D, Oubliette, DoDo

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh games list starts with Jet Velocity 3D, a space race game that you can customize to your own tastes. Oubliette delivers a richly detailed fantasy RPG and DoDo re-writes history and puts you in charge of rescuing the dodo from extinction.

Jet Velocity 3D (Free)

Born to fly? In Jet Velocity 3D, you get to pilot a custom jet through a space track in beautifully rendered 3D generated by Adobe Flash 10.1. Chose from a number of different aircraft, then design your own track to race on.

Play all ten campaigns to unlock higher levels with new track options offered. To infinity and beyond!

Oubliette ($3.99)

Take time out from your busy day to battle orcs, trolls, vampires and dragons in a dark, magical dungeon. Oubliette bills itself as the thinking person’s fantasy role-playing game. Plan your strategy and gather a posse of like-minded magi, priests, and thieves to explore the depths of the castle.

Rather than relying on quick finger reflexes, the outcome of this game depends on your ability to think on your felt-booted feet.

DoDo (Free)

The dodo bird is headed to extinction unless you can help it through the dangers and get it to safety. Guide the dodo by touching the top and bottom of the screen. Avoid walls and stops signs but power-up with dodo eggs and stopwatches.

This game comes from the 2011 Global Games Jam in which new games are created in only 48 hours.

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