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Android game Panzer Panic sketches out a tank war

by Ian Black

I’m a sucker for games that look hand-drawn. Doodle Bowling is a good example. Panzer Panic storms its way into this category and it’s a blast.

You’re in charge of a three-tank battalion. Your enemies are numerous and will also be rolling in tanks. Avoid the obstacles and run over crates that grant you power-ups like extra artillery. The mission is simple: blow away the enemy tanks before they destroy you.

The magic comes from the art. As I mentioned, everything is a sketch – the tanks, barricades, and crates. Even the battleground is a wide piece of crumpled graph paper. The doodled tanks shoot ink shells that explode in messy splotches across the paper. By the end of a stage, the paper war zone looks either like an abstract art masterpiece or a serial killer’s diary.

It’s easy to tell the good guys from the bad. All your tanks are blue and shoot blue ink. The enemy’s tanks are red with red ink shells. With all the red, blue, and white paper background, you get a patriotic feeling as you play.

Move the tanks by touching on them and dragging your finger in the direction you want it to go. Fire your cannons by tapping and flicking. Helpful hand-drawn arrows show you the direction the enemy is coming from and a small dashboard tells you how many more tanks you have to destroy to level up.

All in all, you couldn’t have drawn a better tank battle. Check it out.

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