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Leap Sheep! is simple, fun and anything but sleep-inducing

by Tim McLain

Ever count sheep jumping lazily over a long fence to get to sleep at night? Leap Sheep! takes this idea, adds some flourishes, and delivers a simple, incredibly fun gaming experience to your Android phone.

As you'd expect, you're presented with a long fence in the middle of a meadow, stretching into the distance. Suddenly, a lone sheep breaks into your field of view from the left. As she approaches the fence, tap your screen to make her jump over.

Ahhh... Nice.

But it gets better. When she's in mid-air, tap her again to make her do a flip or another trick. Bonus points! A few seconds later, two more sheep appear. Then three, then four at the same time. Now it's getting interesting. Which will you click first, and how many tricks can you stack in a row to get a massive multiplier?

Miss one, and the little guy will stop against the fence. Miss another, and you'll have two stacked against each other like a fluffy traffic jam. To clear these mistakes, you’ll need to click the ram icons down on the left-hand side of the screen to send "wrecking balls with horns" to clear the way. If you think it's identical to the lawn mowers or pool cleaners in Plants vs. Zombies, you'd be right.

Be sure to enable the OpenFeint leaderboards so you can compete against your friends and the entire Leap Sheep! community for the top score. A full 44 special awards and achievements await you. With names like "Most Tricks," "Longest Game," "Leap Streak" and "High Score," you'll want to earn them all.

My favorite feature? The background of the game changes based on the time of day you're playing. It's a pleasant meadow by day, and a moonlit field, complete with crickets and owl sounds, at night.

So, yes, this app could certainly help you count sheep to go to sleep at night... Zzzzzz.

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