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Android App Video Review: X Construction

by Erik Fikkert

Many of you have already played a building game, whether it be on your phone, a computer game, or even early in school. There is something exciting and challenging to try to make a structure stand on its own and hold weight. X Construction is an app for Android phones that takes the fun of building a solid structure and puts it into a game.

The goal of the game is to build a bridge for your train that will get it across the gap. This is much easier said than done as you aren’t given many solid areas to build on and need to rely on the physics of the pieces to support themselves. The app provided an immense challenge and I frankly got stuck quite a few times. But perhaps my most favorite part was the ear-piercing screams that would come from the train when you built a faulty structure. Call it sick, it was somehow very funny.

If you enjoy building puzzles, this is definitely a fun one and worth the purchase. Check it out.

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