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Fresh Android Games for Feb. 1: Chesspresso Lite, Shift Lite Puzzle Game, Tiki Towers 2

by Ian Black

February starts with a bang! Chesspresso adapts “correspondence chess” to Android, Shift Lite Puzzle Game features a mystery man trapped in a game of life or death, and Tiki Towers 2 bursts from the jungle with a big fun follow-up to the original construction challenge game.

Chesspresso Lite (Free)

You can never play too much chess. The phrase “minutes to learn, a lifetime to master” was first said about the game. Fortunately, with Chesspresso Lite, the classic board game adapts nicely to the smaller screen of the phone.

“Correspondence chess” is the form of the game where players who aren’t in the same city or country mail each other moves. Chesspresso does this over your phone and the ‘net. Play others all over the world, one move at a time. All your current games will be waiting for you the next time you launch the app. Even better, vie for a better ranking using the ELO ranking system.

Shift Lite Puzzle Game (Free)

A popular PC game arrives on Android. Shift sports a clever twist on adventure games. You play a man of mystery lost inside an experiment. By moving and jumping you must escape each level. The “shift” of the game comes from the ability to flip the platform on which your man stands reversing the landscape and gravity.

The game looks a little like a black and white comic book and makes clever use of “negative space”, the white space defined by the black objects. Check the great reviews and download it.

Tiki Towers 2: Monkey Republic ($2.99)

This sequel to the successful Tiki Towers swings in with thirty new levels and more challenging landscapes. The monkey of Tiki Towers 2 works harder than the one in Donkey Kong by building bridges and ramps from coconuts, vines, and bamboo. Avoid the water and lava hazards, but make sure to eat the bananas along the way for additional points. Some of the challenges are so difficult it’s helpful to have a degree in engineering.

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