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Fresh Android Games for Jan. 31: Cubix, Worms, Giant Fighting Robots

by Ian Black

Worms by EA Mobile is a much-anticipated new 3D battle game where normally peace-loving inchworms have geared up for war. Players enjoy the story and characters as much as the gameplay. Today’s fresh games also delivers a twist on Rubik’s Cube called Cubix and an online shoot-em-up named Giant Fighting Robots.

Cubix (Free)

Think of a Rubik’s Cube smashed down into 2D. You must switch the position of colored squares in a grid so that they match the pattern you see at the top of this game’s screen. The difficulty quickly moves from four squares to nine and beyond. See how few moves it takes for you to win and move up to the next level.

Worms ($2.99)

Instead of lowly creatures, what if you commanded an army of them?  In this 3D version of the popular title, you get to deploy outrageous weapons like the Banana Bomb and Super Sheep in your battles against rival armies. Ratchet up the difficulty from “easy” to “insane.”

An amusing plot and fun characters will keep you inching along until your worms win the day. Verizon users should note that the game can be found under the title Worms by EA for their particular devices.

Giant Fighting Robots ($1.99)

From the makers of X-Plane comes a new alien combat title. You control various levels of robots on the surface of another planet filled with angry bugs. Fortunately, you’ve got guided machine guns, lightning guns, and Gatling lasers to help you. As you level up, you’ll upgrade your ATAW (All Terrain Attack Walker) with more features and better weapons. Play against your phone or your online friends.

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