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EA’s Worms tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

It’s been quite a thrilling week, with the Kongregate Arcade barreling into the Android Market, being promptly kicked out, and gloriously returning just days later. The mobile gaming world is getting bigger by the minute, and these industry battles stand to benefit gamers in the end. Other top players this week include Worms, Gameloft’s latest release, (Modern Combat 2), and Tank Hero’s exodus out of beta.

Top shots

EA Mobile had a big release this week, launching Worms on the Android Market. And these earth squirmers are anything but weak, as you send them into battle fully equipped with Banana Bombs and Super Sheep. Set your skill level, eradicate the enemies, and dig your way to victory. This game costs $2.99.

Kongregate Arcade is back in the game, after revising its game install process per Google’s terms. The new and improved arcade portal works a lot like its website, pulling Flash games into your mobile browser with optimized formats for gameplay, rather than downloading them to your phone like it did originally.

Gameloft has brought another title to Android, with Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus. The war-themed FPS game comes in 3D, and features multiplayer game modes for a real battle effect. Shooter controls are pretty smooth, with a dozen battlefields to play on. With 15 military weapons to choose from, you’ll be prepared for all of them. This non-martket game costs $4.99.

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Fightin’ games

Tank Hero has come a long way since its December beta release, with a great new update. There’s nearly 100 new levels to check out, with new weapons to choose from and new enemies to use them on. Get your tanks in order as they course through mazes, avoiding, shooting and all-in-all eliminating enemies to level up. This Android game is free.

Super Dynamite Fishing may still be a “card game,” but it’s lined with excitement thanks to a story line, crazy characters, and dynamite, of course. You’ll need a good strategy to play your cards right, catching the big fish, journeying to various locations and gaining amazing achievement points. This Android game is free.

Mini Army – Free Arcade is a new version of the game, released as a “feeler” with the possibility of a free full version in the future. The integrity of the game is intact, complete with Open Feint integration. Control your units for battle, keeping them alive throughout the various missions.

It’s your job to keep law and order, in the newly released Wild West Sheriff game. It’s a shooter game, leaving you to pick off outlaws one by one, protecting the brave residents of an emerging country. Tilt your phone to aim, tap it to fire. Take on other players on the Scoreloop leaderboards. This Market newbie has already surpassed the 10k download mark.

Fantasy worlds

Crystal Defenders is a defense strategy game, pulling its inspiration from Final Fantasy and other classics. Stave off oncoming enemies with the powers you’ve acquired, keeping the crystals safe at all times. This pricey game costs just over $7.00, and features 240 stages across two versions. Practice the basics in W1, and kick some butt in W2.

Townsmen 6 is another fantasy strategy game, available exclusively (and free) through GetJar. Set in 18th century France during the Revolution, it’s your job to lead your forces to Paris to overthrow the king. Strategize one mission at a time, keeping your subjects fed, training soldiers and creating an empire all your own.

Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim is a world of magic, where you rule the fairies. That means it’s your responsibility to lead armies to fight, explore and develop new technologies, enabling you to keep your kingdom safe. An involved game, you’ll spend hours preparing for the unknown challenges you’ll face in this approximately $3.00 Android game.

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