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Fresh Android Games for Jan. 28: Golf Battle 3D, Bocce Challenge, Super Dynamite Fishing

by Ian Black

In today’s fresh games, you don’t need clubs, balls, or poles but you can still play golf, bocce ball, and go fishing. These games will help us get to the spring when you’ll be able to do all three for real outside.

Golf Battle 3D (~$3.24)

This game cuts-to-the-chase of golf. Forget the boring putts. In fact, leave the whole golf bag at home ‘cause all you’ll need is your driver. Use your phone’s touchscreen to swing, and then guide the path of the ball by tilting your phone.

It’s a networked game that allows you to play against your friends. And, it works over Android, Windows 7, iPhone, and Symbian-based phones. You have 26 avatars to choose from and can upgrade the one you pick after you earn some coin on the links.

Bocce Challenge ($1.99)

Bocce is as old as the Roman Empire and as new as a phone app. The classic outdoor bowling game goes mobile in this addictive Android app. Play one or two player – both using the same phone.

Bowling controls via touch screen work similarly to pool and billiards apps and feel natural. In the settings, you can adjust the level of difficulty and tune the sound effects.

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Super Dynamite Fishing Free (Free)

Fish like you mean it. As the title suggests, this isn’t your dad’s fishing trip. Leave your pole at home but bring the high explosives and artillery. Collect cash as your conquer the lake and decimate the fish population.

With your loot, you can upgrade your boat and weapons. You’ll also find crazy achievements and a side plot involving a woman named Rosemary, but don’t let them distract from the fishing.