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Fresh Android Games for Jan. 26: Chalk Up! Lite, Action Movie Trivia, Math Blitz

by Ian Black

Your word, math and memory skills get a work out in today’s fresh Android games list. Chalk Up! provides multiple versions of anagram challenges. Action Movie Trivia delivers just want its name suggests. And, Math Blitz tests your speed at solving basic math problems.

Chalk Up! Lite (Free)

Decode the anagram and count the number of words you can make from it. A timer keeps track of your best times. Play in "Normal" mode or crank up the difficulty by playing in "Ceasar Code," where every new word has each letter shifted by one in the alphabet.

For an alternative challenge, try the "Reverse" mode, where you must spell each new word backwards.

Action Movie Trivia (Free)

Love action films? Get your trivia game on with Action Movie Trivia. Answer multiple-choice questions about classic action films like Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, The French Connection, Tomb Raider and many others.

A countdown timer keeps the game moving. And, a running tally of correct and incorrect answers shows you how well you’re doing. Leaderboards display your standings as compared to all action movie fans around the world.

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Math Blitz Plus (Free)

Increase the speed of solving math problems in your head with Math Blitz. This useful skill is great for kids who are still learning math basics or seniors trying to keep their minds active.

The game shows you a basic math equation than makes you pick from a list of answers. A scoreboard tracks the challenge in a multiplayer game, but you can play against yourself anytime.