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Fresh Android Games for Jan. 25: Majesty, Wild West Sheriff, Chess Buddies

by Ian Black

It’s nice to be king – unless your subjects don’t behave. Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim puts you in charge of the castle. It might not be as glamorous as you think, but it will, like the game, be fresh.

Want more? Wild West Sheriff lets you shoot first and ask questions later. Chess Buddies provides chess matches against people all over the world.

Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim (~$3.14)

Influence matters more than commands in this sim game. You don’t directly control the subjects in this fantasy kingdom, to persuade farmers to take up arms, for example, you’ll likely have to pay them.

Test your leadership skills by planning out the future of the realm. Your goal is to grow your heroes' skills and talents as well as fill their wallets. Kingdom cash can be spent on magical potions, weapons, and new equipment.

Wild West Sheriff (Free)

You’re the sheriff of an old west town. The bad guys are numerous and they’re running lose on the prairie. Your only hope of keeping order is to shoot them down with your rifle.

Tilt your Android to move the sites of your rifle then tap your phone to shoot. Save the women before they get carried off, but be careful ‘cause your stray shots could take them out.

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Chess Buddies (Free)

The game of kings goes mobile! Chess is most fun when you play a person, not a computer. This game lets you take on your friends and strangers from around the world.

Register with an account, then go nuts. You can play over 50 simultaneous games, so if your friends don’t enter there moves fast enough, just kick off another game. Sign-up for the flag of your country to represent your nation in international competition.