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Mediocre Splodey! Android game a good bet for beginners

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Splodey! is a game that's almost like a classic Pong-style game. It's pretty simple and fun, but it's a novelty that wears off quickly.

In the game of Splodey!, you must break as many blocks as quickly as you can. To accomplish this, you must drag your finger around the screen to launch balls at the various different-colored blocks. The speed your ball travels depends on how fast you drag your finger before lifting it off the screen.

The ball will change colors, and will only burst the blocks that share their color, though. For instance, pink balls will "splode" only pink blocks, and green balls will only break apart green blocks.

There are 20 different repeating levels, each with its own challenge. These challenges always require that you burst a certain number of blocks before time runs out.

The game quickly becomes more difficult as the levels advance. But, as you play, you'll come into contact with a handful of different power-ups that give you different special abilities, which certainly makes gameplay more interesting. These power-ups will enable you to blow through blocks, blow up blocks of any color, and blow up blocks just by using your finger.

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After you've played a while, and are content with your scores, you can check the leader boards to see how you measure up with some of the best players in the region and the world.

Splodey! isn't an especially innovative game. It's not very visually striking, difficult or engaging, either. On one occasion, it actually crashed so badly, I had to restart my phone. However, Splodey! is simple enough that anyone can pick it up without a problem. It's a great game to use to introduce beginners to mobile gaming.