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Fresh Android Games for Jan. 24: Jewel Spinner Free, Space Rocks, Amnesia - Chapter 1

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh games feature a welcome change in jewel-centric games with Jewel Spinner. If you want to move beyond Bejeweled wannabes, give it a try. Space Rocks delivers nostalgic fun and Amnesia arrives as a unique mystery game.

Jewel Spinner Free (Free)

Had enough of Bejeweled rip-offs? Me too. Fortunately, Jewel Spinner works nothing like those three-in-a-row puzzles. Jewels appear in a center dial with eight slides leading to it. You must point the center dial to a slide with a matching jewel to eliminate them both. Match all the center jewels before one of the slides fills up.

Settings let you go from normal difficulty up through advanced to expert. Turn off the sound and music for private play.

Space Rocks (Free)

Remember the classic arcade game Asteriods? Don’t tell my parents, but I think I spent over $1000 dollars in quarters playing it. Fortunately, Space Rocks for Android delivers the same fun right to my phone for free.

Spin your ship in both directions and fire to break apart the drifting asteroids before they smash you to pieces. Bring up shields to temporarily avoid death. Then think about all the money you’re saving.

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Amnesia – Chapter 1 (~$1.60)

Check out this clever new mystery game. You’ve just woken up inside a strange locked office. As the title suggests, you can’t remember how you got there. Once you get out, you discover a dead body and the mystery only deepens.

Tap on objects around you to gather clues. Your options are to – "look," "pick up," "read," and "take with you." Solve the mystery before it’s too late. Amnesia – Chapter 0 is free and gives you the chance to see how you like the game.