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Android game MiniSquadron Special Edition adds levels, unlockables

by Ian Black

From the opening child's voice crying "MiniSquadron!" you know you're in for a good time with this game. Battle for supremacy of the skies with tiny planes. Fly the trickiest and most dangerous aerial dogfighting maneuvers from the safety of your own Android phone. If you like planes, you'll enjoy this game.

MiniSquadron Special Edition marks the follow-up to the popular MiniSquadron! game. This sequel adds 50 more planes to unlock, eight new levels and a lot more crazy animals to shoot. The introductory price is 99 cents.

Like the original, the controls are two-handed. Your left controls the direction of flight with a virtual D-pad on the touch screen. Your right shoots by pressing the trackpad on one of the many other optional buttons. The best part of the game is the flying — you have freedom to fly loop-the-loops, spinning dives and many other aerial stunts. Lose control, though, and you'll stall the engine and drop to your death unless you turn into the fall. It's so absorbing, people watching you will think you've lost your mind — or at least lost control of your hands and fingers.

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As in the first game, your main opponent is the enemy battalion, but you get extra points for shooting the animals out of the sky. The original game stuck mainly to plausible flying creatures, but this sequel lets the nuttiness soar, with vampires, jellyfish and hamsters.

Need more? This game adds hovering helicopters and fireballs to increase difficultly and shake up the gameplay across levels. If you liked the original, don't hesitate to download this sequel.