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Fresh Android Games for Jan. 20: Deadly Hustle, Diesel Valkyrie, Forest Runner

by Ian Black

In today’s fresh games we’ve got zombies, gangs, and jungle hunters. Deadly Hustle Free Mobile lets you join a gang and battle. Diesel Valkyrie Lite sets you against Nazi zombies. And, Forest Runner has you lead a big game hunter on a jumping safari.

Deadly Hustle Free Mobile (Free)

Enter into an MMORPG gangland through this game. Live the street life by training, fighting, chatting with other gangsters, and joining in on a full-on gang fight. With your free time, you can hit the gym, do more crimes to gain experience, or go to the store to buy weapons, drugs, or cool stuff like adrenline. Learn the hard way that gangster life isn’t as glamorous as you think.

Diesel Valkyrie Lite (Free)

It’s World War II in Europe. You control an angry female steam punk killing machine who hates only one thing more than Nazis – and that’s Nazi Zombies! You don’t even need to touch the screen during the fighting because the whole thing works via your phone’s accelerometer. Gain experience to unlock up to nine deadly weapons like grenades, flamethrowers, shotguns, missiles and more. At the end of each level, fight the super-tough big boss before you move up.

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Forest Runner (Free)

This big game hunter only knows one speed – flat out. The trouble is, he’s sprinting headlong into danger – cliffs, fires, booby traps, rhinos, and other obstacles that will kill him and end his safari. Your only control is to tap the screen to make him jump, so you have to time things perfectly. Three lives is all you have before the game ends so capture all the bananas and cherries you can to maximize points. Perfect for those with a few short minutes to kill.