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Fresh Android Games for Jan. 19: Kongregate Arcade, Spectral Souls, Alchemy ~ Genetics

by Ian Black

Need more games? How about a whole new Market for games? Check out Kongregate Arcade for Android and its fresh subversion of the Android Market. Then, delve into spirituality with Spectral Souls and the dark arts with Alchemy ~ Genetics.

Kongregate Arcade (Free)

You may have to jump through a few hoops to get this but it’s probably worth trying. Kongregate Arcade delivers over 300 free Flash-based games that you can play on your phone as long as it’s running Android version 2.2 or newer. You’ll also need to check "Unknown Sources" in your phone settings to allow your phone to download applications from non-Market sources.

The Arcade offers it’s own eco-system so you can comment, download, and search for more new games that are slated to be released regularly.

Spectral Souls (~$14.46)

Tactical RPG is the category. Sounds like some kind of advanced weapon, but it really means a strategy-based role-playing game. Spectral Souls features over 84 characters, 52 background tunes, high-res graphics, and an epic battle between humans and demons.

The download is large, so you’ll need an SD card with plenty of space and a Wi-Fi connection. The price is high too, but you do get a lot of content and, potentially, hundreds of hours of gameplay, according to the developers.

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Alchemy ~ Genetics (Free)

This sequel to the popular game Alchemy focuses on animals. In the original, you combined elements (like Fire, Water, Earth) to create new objects. The addictive game provided hours of inventive fun.

This game promises to keep your mind spinning on your quest to create new creatures and species. Drag and drop one animal onto another to see what you get.