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Fresh Android Games for Jan. 18: Glow Hockey, Vector Runner, NOVA 3D

by Ian Black

TRON Legacy shares a connection to the first two games on today’s fresh list. Both use light as a central theme. The third game, NOVA 3D, has nothing to do with TRON, but it has a big gun and it’s fresh, so get off my back!

Glow Hockey (Free)

Air Hockey meets TRON in this colorful action-packed Android game. Glowing pucks, paddles, and bumpers make the traditional game come alive. Switch boards with different lighting effects. Play against someone else or just play against your phone. Keep focused ‘cause the light show may distract you from the shots on your goal.

Vector Runner ($1.99)

This is a retro online game that has become an app. Pilot your racecar through of tracks where all the obstacles are constructed from lines of light. Run over power-ups to snatch shields and invincibility. Steer by tapping your thumbs on either side of your phone’s screen in this 3D racing game.

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NOVA 3D (~$1.97)

Aliens suck! As if things weren’t bad enough – Earth was globally warmed until it wasn’t able to sustain life. Now the human-populated satellites, banded together in the Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (NOVA!), have come under attack by sneaky alien invaders.

Retired Marine hero Kal Wardin must strap on his super-tech six guns and make those aliens wish they had never been hatched. Mow down aliens across one satellite after another. Never retreat, just reload.