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Fresh Android Games for Jan. 11: Rope Cut, Doodle Bowling, Touch Pool 2D

by Ian Black

Sometimes the Android Market works like an all-in-one copier printer that you’d get from Staples. It can produce great copies or just cool new versions of stuff. Today’s fresh games includes a copy of the popular Cut the Rope game and two updates to recent fun games.

Rope Cut (Free)

The makers of the iPhone fan favorite game Cut the Rope claim they are working on an Android version, but it hasn’t arrived yet. The makers of Rope Cut decided to beat them out of the starting gate. It’s a direct copy, so those familiar with the iPhone or iPad versions will be more pleased than the copyright attorneys.

You must feed a little creature his daily supply of candy. The challenge is that the candy is connected to one or more ropes. Cut the ropes in the right order to direct the candy to the mouth.

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Doodle Bowling update (Free)

Doodle Bowling is a fun finger bowling game that launched a few weeks back. The name stems from the look of the game. Everything – the ball, lane, pins – are all doodles drawn on paper. When you grab the ball with your finger and roll it down the lane, you’ll end up punching through the paper after it hits the pins.

This 1.2 update supports moving the app to an SD card. It’s free and worth the download.

Touch Pool 2D update ($3.99)

You might think pool would be difficult to translate to a phone app. Touch Pool 2D makes difficult look easy. Just touch where you want the cue ball to go, adjust for the geometry lines you see and tap "Start Shot."

This update to the recently released game fixes several bugs and makes 9-ball work. You can find a free Lite version of the this game or pay $3.99 for the full version.