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Yumsters Android game provides all your daily fruit servings

by Ian Black

Snake charmers apply here. There must be some magic to manipulating the snake-like creatures of Yumsters 'cause I found it a lot harder than I thought it would be. Nonetheless, it's a fun puzzle game that deserves extra credit for originality.

Yumsters have long snake bodies with cartoon dinosaur heads. They live in the ground, and crave fruit matching their body color. With each new puzzle, you must clear the board of fruit by pulling the correctly colored Yumster to his snack by touching his head and dragging him with your finger to his food. Note: Yumsters can eat more than one fruit at a time — you can drag its head across one or more fruits if the positions on the board allow it.

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The puzzle is how to correctly direct the eating of multiple Yumsters across a board. Sometimes the Yumsters block each other or a particular color fruit obstructs another color. The games combines both skill and the luck of the fruit placement.

My only complaint: There was no easy "dummy" setting. The puzzles seemed hard right from the beginning. I didn't get far into the game because I spent a lot of time unlocking the first few levels. Perhaps, you'll do better feeding the Yumsters than I did.