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Fresh Android Games for Jan. 10: World Flags, Year, Decade, or Century, Straw Hat Samurai

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh games help you reach beyond your little corner of the world. Try learning the flags of the world, quiz yourself on historical events, or battle a samurai in ancient Japan.

World Flags ($1.99)

There are a lot of “flags of the world” apps, but this one includes a quiz. See six different flags at a time and then pick the correct one. Track your high score and keep pushing it higher.

Need more? This app includes the capitals of each country too.

Year, Decade, or Century (Free)

Presented with a historical event, you’re given points if you can correctly identify the century, more points if you name the decade, even more if you guess the year. Each question comes with an image and will stem from politics, history, or cultural events. Supports up to eight players.

This free version delivers 100 questions. The full version costs $2.99 and features 350 quiz questions.

Straw Hat Samurai (Free)

You’re marked for death in the forests of ancient Japan. Fortunately, you’re a skilled samurai and your katana is sharp. Run through the woods and slice your enemies using your finger flick to guide the sword.

Face enemy samurai, archers, and giant sword wielding meanies. Remember though, this is a Beta and the creators say new features may appear at any time.