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TurboFly 3D leads Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Space battles seem the perfect backdrop for many Android games, with TurboFly’s space racer and Gun Bros leading this week’s top games list. Multiplayer games also continue to gain in popularity, with a range of game genres in their realm. From themed MMOs to live poker rounds, online gameplay is really taking off in the Android Market.

Battlers & racers

TurboFly 3D is a racing game that takes place far in the future, with flying ships zooming around the tracks. Steer your ship using the accelerometer or the touch screen, both of which have pretty good game controls. Play in career mode, unlock weapons and tracks, and work your way up the leaderboard. Grab the full version of this Android game for about $1.30.

New release Gun Bros has already gained in popularity, with a special forces team out to save the galaxy from war-faring evil guys. This free 3D action shooter is still in beta, but certainly worth a download. Power-up with new weapons as you battle wave after wave of enemy forces.

Similar to old school space shooters, Poultry Assault Beta is a dark game with a basic premise—eliminate enemy ships as you navigate your own egg ship across the galaxy. Defending the future of all poultry-kind, this new beta release has a handful of levels to beat, each with their own challenge. This Android game is free.

Spartan Warfare Mobile 4 is a free MMORPG for Android, with a few thousand downloads in its first couple weeks since release. Here you can battle your way to victory in a platoon, training, fighting and chatting with other players in real time. Redeem points for things like weapons in this themed multiplayer game.

Smart games

Like a numbered version of Boggle, Math Scramble’s directive is to find an equation on a number-filled board that achieves your target answer. The longer the equation, the more points you score. It’s certainly a game for brainiacs—I’m a words girl myself. This Android game is free.

Trivia can be a great way to learn, even if its information you’ll never use again. Science Millionaire follows the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? format, with astronomy, physics, chemistry and biology questions getting harder as you progress through the game. Get all 15 questions correct in a row, and you’ve won the big prize. The full version of this Android game is 99 cents.

Just plain fun

Zynga Poker has been a wild success as Zynga’s first Android title, zipping past the 250k download mark just days after its release. The popular Facebook game is officially mobile, with an iPhone version as well. Play live against others, rake in points for winning rounds, and compete in tournaments. This Android game is free.

Monkey Run Free is as simple a game as its title; help your little ape avoid falling stones with just a tilt of your phone from one side to another. The longer you last, the more points you get. Work your way up in ranking in this free Android game.

PacMap is an interesting game that’s caught the imagination of many this week, bringing a Pac-Man-like game to your actual location. Your yellow muncher plays on a board made of your local map, eating dots and evading enemy ghosts along surrounding streets. Currently in public beta, this Android game is free.