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Fresh Android Games for Jan. 7: Monkey Run Free, Sky Panda, Paratrooper Invasion

by Ian Black

The sky is falling. The weatherman predicts several inches of snow later today, at least where I live. Unfortunately, I’ve already got snow on the ground and a weekend of fun awaits me - if I don’t get snowed in. So, this morning, I’m going to wish that something other than snow drops from the sky today - like in these three fresh Android games!

Monkey Run Free (Free)

Big rocks – I mean eat-your-truck sized boulders – are dropping from the sky. I don’t know why, unless this monkey lives on a volcanic island that just erupted. Monkey dodges left and right as you move your phone back and forth. There’s cash to catch, a temporary bubble shield that protects the chimp, and a falling “R” that reverses things so that your right sends the monkey left.

Sky Panda ($1.00)

Precious panda wants to live. But, to do that he’ll have to stay aloft. On the ground there’s fire, angry gorillas, even violent hedgehogs that shoot acorns! Fortunately, panda wears a parachute and he knows how to use it. Like Monkey Runs Free, your Android’s accelerometer controls the action. Tilt away to save the day.

Paratrooper Invasion (Free)

The next war has begun and your city plays a key role. Hundreds of paratroopers are dropping from the air. Good news: a big machine lies ahead. Blast away to take out the troopers before they touch down. Extra points and speed ups – increasing the rounds-per-minute rate of your tommy gun – float around too to help you along.