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Fresh Android Games for Jan. 5: Tank Hero, PacMap, Deer Hunter - African Safari

by Ian Black

I hereby declare the holiday app doldrums officially over. Like a Nor’easter blizzard, great new games are blowing down the Market. Whether you like to fight or prefer running for your life, you’ll find your fun in today’s list. Lock and load your Android and get ‘em while they’re fresh!

Tank Hero (Free)

Your tank comes fully equipped for battle with artillery shell-firing canon, howitzer machine guns, and heat-seeking missile launchers. Dodge obstacles and maneuver across the battlefield using multi-touch or trackball. War is hell but somebody has to do it, so it might as well be somebody who enjoys it!

This app’s Beta release is over. Now, download the full-version for free, while you can, in the Android Market. The creators promise more weapons, more levels, and more epic Armageddon in the near future.

PacMap (Free)

What you’ve always secretly feared has come true. You are Pac-Man! Run through the streets of your own city swallowing yellow dots. Dodge and weave through side streets and alleys to avoid the being eaten yourself by the red and blue ghosts.

The app overlays a PacMan homage over Google Maps in this public Beta release. Your Android’s GPS provides the location. Your legs provide the get-up-and-go. Get off the couch and gobble! But, don’t play on a busy street, warn the creators.

Deer Hunter – African Safari ($4.99)

Satisfy your violent tendencies without actually killing anything. The creators of Deer Hunter 3D return with a new hunting safari adventure. Choose your exotic destination – Cameroon, Tanzania, or South Africa. Then, pick your wild beast – lion, kudo, elephant, or cuddly little lemur. Just kidding about the lemur.

Head out on a multi-day hunt and watch the realistic sky turn from dawn to noon to dusk. Or, go for a quick hunt. But, careful, wild animals sometimes charge if they are only wounded.