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Jet Car Stunts leads Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Christmas and New Year may have passed, but the holiday spirit is still in full swing. There’s a number of Android games like Jet Car Stunts that have been discounted for the holiday season, some even available for free. We’ve also seen a number of themed games climbing the ranks, like the old-school 8-bit Gurk. Keep the holiday cheer along a little while longer, with these Android games of the week.

Holiday Discounts

Jet Car Stunts is a new racer from True Axis, where the object of the game is to get as many car tricks in as you can. Run spirals, long jumps and land floating platforms, as every turn on this course brings new challenges. A top performer on iOS, this new Android game is currently free to download. Get it before the price goes back up.

Hexage has discounted all of its Android games this week, with 50 percent price slashes. One of my favorites is Radiant HD, a classic take on an arcade shooter. Fend off aliens as you scroll from one side of the screen to the other, cutting your way through enemy monsters. There’s never been a better time to try out this Hexage title, with the inviting price of about $1.50.

There’s plenty of jewel-matching games out there, but what makes Jade Monkey so fun is its different modes of game play. Swap jewels vertically or horizontally, play in real-time or in a puzzle-solving marathon. Earn perks along the way to help you beat more difficult levels. A massive price cut from $4.99 to $1.99 also makes this new title more appealing.

With an intriguing story line and great graphics, Robo 3: Gears of Love will occupy you for a while. Help the survival of a new robo-human race by solving each level, which requires some strategy and know-how. Similar to Sokoban games, you’ll have to turn a series of switches to accomplish these leveled feats. Discounted 65% off for the next week, you can try the full version for just over $1.50.

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New leaders

Another HD title is Cargo! HD, where running a business is all about logistics. Test your time management skills with this frantic game of shipping and receiving, emptying incoming crates into warehouses and filling orders. There’s plenty of challenges and game modes to unlock, and other gameplay elements, including duels. This Android game is free.

X Construction Lite is a logical game of physics, where you must build a bridge with the given amount of materials in order to let the train safely cross the valley. Already popular in its first week since release, this free Android game is a teaser for what developers CrossConstruct have in mind.

Another old-school game, Gurk’s 8-bit graphics will take you back to another era. This RPG features over 20 dungeon levels, and plenty of monsters to fight off. Battle your way through the leaderboards, with a heavily pixelated game to get the nostalgia flowing. This free Android game has already surpassed the 5k download mark, about a week after launch.

Vector Ace is the first release from Okapi Lab, designed after the classic paper and pencil game Racetrack. There are two vectors racing to the finish line, with a few obstacles that can hurt or help you. There’s only the AI to play against, but it’s still a fun, free game to check out.

Game specials and more

Millionaire City is like Sim City, with a luxury take on construction. Available for free through an exclusive GetJar release (not in the Android Market), this builder can also be integrated with your Facebook account. The more successfully you build your high-end city, the more riches you’ll earn. Re-invest it Donald Trump style and see how long you can keep your citizens happy.

Emulator ROMs is gaining in popularity, with a collection of emulators for NES, SNES, GBA and more. The free app isn’t a game itself, but is a gateway of sorts to play your favorite console titles from years back. You can, however, search and download games directly from the app, making this emulator more streamlined than others in the Android Market.

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