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GT Racing leads Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

During winter break, you’ve got plenty of time to twiddle around with Android games. Perhaps that explains the surge of holiday version releases in the Android Market, including one from City Jump. Gameloft’s GT Racing has also caught a lot of attention this week, as did Dungeon Defenders’ recent launch.

Holiday games

City Jump gets into the holiday spirit, with a new version: Xmas Season. Leaping from one platform to another, collect falling candy and escape flying reindeer as you work your way up. The more tricks you can pull off, the more points you’ll power up. City Jump is giving away its Christmas cheer for free.

Snowboarding is already a holiday sporting favorite, and Android game Crazy Snowboard is full of the spirit. Fly down mountains of fluffy, white snow, jumping rocks, zombies and elves. Unlock designer snowboards and levels to play, as you figure the dozen or so touch-activated snowboard tricks to win favor. This 3D game is free.

New and improved

The latest HD release from Gameloft is GT Racing: Motor Academy. Customize your game experience, from the car to the course. Earn points to upgrade your car, improve your skills and win more races. Inspired by the best in European racing culture, this non-market $4.99 game features iconic scenes, responsive game play, career modes and multiplayer races.

Slipping in this weekend, Dungeon Defenders launched its action-packed multiplayer game on Android. A popular iOS title, Dungeon Defenders is a game of aggressive battles and building. Take the role of a knight or a huntress, leveraging these two game phases to outsmart and outlast enemies. The first game powered by Unreal Engine, Dungeon Defenders is currently on sale for $2.99.

Jumping game Doodle Dash has been hurdling to the top of the charts, racking up downloads and updates since its November release. Run, leap and soar through obstacles, facing ninjas, mummies and vampires. Conjure special powers you’ve collected, play two game modes and revel in the whimsical doodles sprinkled throughout this free Android game.

New Android game Mega Jump is a delight, done up in classic arcade style. Shoot your cute creature high into the air, collecting coins, stars and food. Get boosts from fireballs, and call on special powers like jump boots to beat this game’s many stages. Free, this game has plenty to offer for the price.

Top players

Tank Hero has also been steadily on the rise, with 3D graphics revamping an old school game concept. Align your tank’s path with swift precision, taking out enemy tanks along the way. A newer Android game, Tank Hero is still in beta, with several updates introducing new levels and weapons to unlock. This game is free.

Hexage is gearing up for a new Android title soon, but its existing games are doing quite well. Buka HD has received an update recently, with stunning colors in this collection of quests. Protect your buka from enemy balls, collecting perks and staving off enemies with shockwaves. About $1.50, this Android game plays well on the touch screen.