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New Android device? Download these games first

by Kristen Nicole

So you've finally joined the Android camp. You're now one of the millions of users on the Android bandwagon, and one of the first things you'll do with your new smartphone is download all sorts of games. Well, I know the feeling. The Android (especially newer models) has some cool gaming features, like HD support, a growing cache of 3D titles and an accelerometer for more-engaging play. Here's a short list of Android games to get the ball rolling.

Beginner's basics

Doodle Jump is great for newbies, putting a new spin on a classic platform game. With penciled graphics and straightforward challenges, it's easy to get hooked on this 99-cent Android game. Spring your way to the top, picking up bonus features, like jet packs, along the way. Avoid enemies (or get rid of them altogether), and use all your Doodler's skills to win the game.

Tetris is a gaming favorite, and something anyone can enjoy for hours. From EA Mobile, this official version of Tetris comes with loads of features you didn't grow up with, like "Marathon Mode," power-ups and other ways to challenge yourself. Tetris was made for mobile gamers, and this $2.99 Android title brings that to a new generation.

The iPhone sensation Angry Birds is now also perched on Android devices. Download this addictive game at your own risk.


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More Appolicious coverage of great Android Games

If you're a fan of Zuma, then Bonsai Blast is the game for you. It takes a similar theme to new heights, with more challenges, levels and ways to play. Shoot matching-colored balls into groups of three or more, with the challenges increasing as you advance levels. Colorful with magical backdrops, this 99-cent game is one of the reasons you got an Android.

Remember those mechanical basketball shooter games at the arcade? Basketball Shot brings it to your Android free. Simple and quick, this game only requires that you score enough points to level-up before time runs out. Things get tricky when the hoop starts to move around, so practice your thumb-flicking free throws to beat the high score.

New dimensions

Your Android is great for arcade games, but it's also a connected device. That means you can play online with others, in real time. Parallel Kingdom AOT is one such game, with a massive multiplayer platform to gain some real excitement. Battle over lands, visit and chat with other players, and see how large your kingdom becomes. This game is free.

Everyone loves a good racing game, and Need for Speed Shift is certainly worth checking out. Choose your car, the course and the race mode (quick race, career mode, difficulty, etc.), and rev your engine. At $4.99, this Android game features optimized graphics and custom settings.

Hyperspace Lite is a wonderful way to learn the effects of your Android's accelerometer, as you navigate a soccer ball down a floating platform full of obstacles. Ramps, bombs, pitfalls and directional shifts are just some of the challenges you'll face on a given level. Tilt your phone in the direction you want your ball to go, and get rollin'! This version of Hyperspace is free.

Sometimes there's only one way to make your fortune, and that's to dig for it. Gem Miner is an adventurous game, with levels of mining taking you deep into the Earth. Watch out for chasms and rock falls as you collect precious ores, constantly turning to your survival kit to get you out of any predicament you face along the way. The base game for Gem Miner is free.

Package deals

Want to relive your childhood Nintendo days? SNesoid is an emulator that lets you play just about every early Nintendo game out there. Buy the titles you want, like Donkey Kong and Super Mario, save games, and play online via Wi-Fi. Even your cheat codes work on these games, delivering a game experience as close to Nintendo as you'll get on your Android. Try the free version before paying $3.99 for the full copy.

There's something about solitaire that's just perfect for digital screens. If you avoided homework with hours of solitaire from the days of Windows '95, then Solitaire Free Pack is right up your alley. Take your pick of 40 solitaire games, with familiar titles and new ones to learn. Keep time and score, get unlimited undos (and re-dos), and track a few stats while you're at it. This Android game collection is free.

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