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Android game Tank Hero battles its way to victory

by Tim McLain

Fans of Battlezone and its ilk will feel right at home in top-down shooter Tank Hero. Strap into your brightly colored, treaded nightmare, and head into a series of eight battle arenas, each populated by a set of enemies to destroy.

Use your phone's D-Pad (or its on-screen replacement) to drive around, and tap the screen to fire. Don't forget to ricochet your ordnance off the walls to catch your opponents unaware.

Rendered in high-quality, OpenGL 3D graphics, the tanks are a sight to behold, and the resulting explosions look just as they should. Be sure to take a peek at the options, and try the fixed-camera type. You'll get to see the entire playfield in one go, making maneuvering that much easier.

Offered as a free beta version, there's lots to be excited about as the final production iteration is prepped for launch. Here's hoping for an expanded menu of weaponry, multiplayer support, and more.

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