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Fresh Android Games for Dec. 20: The Sims 3, TurboFly 3D, Dino Madness Pinball

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Today's batch of Fresh Android Games features The Sims arrival on Android, a racing games reminiscent of Star Wars, and a very realistic looking game of pinball.

The Sims 3 (Android) $4.99

Popular life simulation game, The Sims 3, is now available on the Android platform. First launched on the iPhone over a year ago and previously available on the T-Mobile Vibrant as an exclusive, it’s now listed in the marketplace for $4.99. It’s a much more casual kind of gaming experience because it doesn’t have a specific objective. The player is instead encouraged to make his or her own choices and to engage with other characters inside of an interactive environment. In a way, it’s sort of like facilitating your own reality TV show.

TurboFly 3D (Android) ~$2.62

TurboFly 3D is a fast paced futuristic racing game. Based on the design of the ships and how they move, the game almost reminds me of Star Wars-style pod racing. This game features five different ships and there are several different kinds of weapons and power-up boosts available for each. The point of this game is to win as many races as you can. If you are successful, you can unlock many more picturesque racing courses and ships. Choose to play in three different gaming modes, either "normal," "pursuit" or "endurance."

Dino Madness Pinball (Android) ~$1.49

This application looks exactly like the glass covered, coin operated pinball machines you sometimes see at an arcade or bar. The 3D visuals are extremely vibrant and resemble the light up, electrical dinging game you’ve always known. Surprisingly, the actual simulation feels just as realistic. This game is exactly like any other traditional game of pinball. Just try to keep a small silver ball or multiple balls on the table as long as possible by using the flipper buttons to keep them from falling off the tilted game board. In this version, try to beat the T-Rex, crack the egg and save the baby dino.