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Game Dev Story leads Fresh Android Games of the Week

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Game Dev Story (Android) ~$4.80

This is a game that’s all about making games. In the sim-like world of Game Dev Story, you are a big shot developer trying to create a million-selling game. Hire staff, come up with your own ideas, initiate the direction for each creative project and watch your company grow. You can even develop your own game console. Your job also requires you to make some important business decisions, such as whether or not you should adopt new technologies or take risks with new products. This game is the Android adaption of a popular iPhone game.

Mana Chronicles (Android) ~$2.21

Spearhead Games’s old school action-RPG Mana Chronicles is now available in the Android Market. This game certainly feels like a classic retrogame, but in staying more true to the spirit of modern gaming, Mana Chroncles has some very vibrant and colorful graphics.

In Mana Chronicles, you are a spiky-haired anime character. To play, keep heading toward the right side of your phone screen and stay on the look-out for any enemies or obstacles. Launch attacks and bust out some special moves whenever necessary.

Drift Mania Championship (Android) ~$0.96

Where some professional drivers would call the act of drifting part of a sport, I would call it cause for panic. It’s when a driver over steers and loses traction in the rear wheels but maintains high speed. Points are earned based on speed, line, angle and impact. Yeah, that would be terrifying in real life, but a fun premise for a video game. Drift Mania Championship is a game that puts some very fast, beautiful cars in vibrant 3D graphics. Aim for a high score and then see how you measure up on the global leader board.

FortSmash Full (Android) ~$1.90

This game reminds me a lot of Angry Birds, only this version is set in medieval times. Rebel against the evil king by firing rocks at the castle using your catapult. But, be careful where you aim. Too many misses won’t get you anywhere and if you hit the wrong thing this will dock you some serious points. This is a game that has simple gameplay mechanics with a fun, colorful art style. Because you already grasp the concept of how this game is played and it is quite addicting, this is a great alternative to similar popular games. Download FortSmash if you have a few minutes to kill while sitting in a waiting room or at the bus stop and it will certainly help pass the time. If you’re not convinced, check out the free, lite version of this app before you commit to the full version.

Rocket Bunnies (Android) FREE

Like tons of other apps that have recently been popping up in the Market, Rocket Bunnies is a puzzle game with an obvious Angry Birds influence. Only, instead of slinging birds at pigs, in this version, the player is a bunny rabbit slingshoting around outer space from planet to planet. As you fly around picking up your other bunny friends, some carrots and power-ups, time your exits so that you can avoid enemy spiders, bombs and electric portals.