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Fresh Android Games for Dec. 16: Rocket Bunnies, Sky Burger

by Caitlin M. Foyt

In today's batch of Fresh Android games, play a title that involves a rabbit traveling into space, and another that will have you serving up food that’s falling from the sky.

Rocket Bunnies (Android) FREE

Like tons of other apps that have recently been popping up in the Market, Rocket Bunnies is a puzzle game with an obvious Angry Birds influence. Only, instead of slinging birds at pigs, in this version, the player is a bunny rabbit slingshoting around outer space from planet to planet. As you fly around picking up your other bunny friends, some carrots and power-ups, time your exits so that you can avoid enemy spiders, bombs and electric portals.

Sky Burger (Android) FREE

In the bustling simulation game of Sky Burger, you are standing on the front lines as part of a restaurant’s kitchen staff. You must quickly assemble burgers based on every customer’s individual food order. Tomatoes, beef patties, lettuce, pickles and eggs will rain down from the sky, so you must use the game’s tilt feature to catch the correct ones and avoid the ones you don’t need. A sesame seed bun on top completes the order. The more burgers you complete without making a mistake, the more tips you’ll receive.