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Cestos 2 tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Chicken Brick Studios launched the sequel to Cestos earlier this year, bringing another popular game title to the Android Market. They’ve given it a holiday update, adding levels and collectables to enjoy this season. Gameloft has also brought new titles to Android devices, including Let’s Golf! 2. Here are this week’s top games on Android.

Party & fun

Popular sequel, Cestos 2: Party Time, has gotten a holiday update for the Christmas season, with new game modes and collectables. This marble racer is a multiplayer game, with customizable avatars. Free, Cestos 2 has been updated for easy sharing as well, along with several bug fixes.

A brand new racer has hit the Android Market. Drift Mania Championship has already gained a number of fans, thanks to its detailed graphics and unique, varied race tracks.  With a focus on drifting, this racer is unlike any other for Android, where your points are based on your angle and impact skills, as well as your speed. Grab the full version for just under $1.00.

Haypi Kingdom is a new MMO on Android, with a focus on strategically building your estate. Solve assigned tasks to earn tools, weapons and other resources, as you work to keep your land protected. Going to war with other players is a common occurrence, so you’ll need to be prepared for this multiplayer game. Haypi Kingdom is free.

Can Knockdown is like kickball meets bowling, where your goal is to knock down as many cans as possible. Flick the ball across the screen, and take your shot at a pyramid of cans that changes with each round. This Android game, which is rising in popularity this week, is free.

Jumpers & action

Stickman games are still popular on Android, with the new Free Running game quickly making its way up the charts. Simple in graphics and game play, your goal is to roll and jump through levels, avoiding oncoming obstacles. The trick to this free game is timing -- jump in time to avoid being pushed off the screen all together.

Ninjump is another jumper platform game where you leap your ninja character from one level to another. Watch out for flying animals, and star-throwing enemy ninjas, as you work your way up the platforms. New to the Android Market, Ninjump has already surpassed the 50k download mark, making it a top title for the week.

Another MMO, BattleZone3D is a strategic game of warfare. Free for Android, you get to pick your battle scene, across time and place -- there’s World War II landscapes in different countries, with a number of classic tanks to select for your armored combat. If you’re a history war buff, this themed battler is a fun game to try out.


Gameloft has made another title available for Android gamers, directly through its site. Let’s Golf! 2 is a colorful game, with customizable characters to take on the golf course. Choose your course for game play, pick players based on their skill, and you can even play rounds online with your friends. Remember, this title isn’t available in the Android Market itself.

For a more whimsical take on the game, try a round Penguin Golf. It’s a beastly take on golf, with a theme straight out of a chapter of Alice in Wonderland. You get five golf balls (curled penguins) and a flamingo, which, incidentally, doubles as your golf club. See how many shots you can sink, and share your high scores with other golfers.